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Unprecedented Experiences: Adventure Sailing on State of the Art, Technically Advanced X-Yachts!

Xclusive Yacht Club (XYC) is a unique sailing club, designed for the citizens of the world. The club was born from the lifelong dream of its founder – experienced and passionate advocates of the sailing lifestyle, Easy Swissa.

Mary Keren joined forces with Easy Swissa as a co-founder and a driving force, to make this club happened.


XYC’s Members form a like-minded community of sailors who share a mutual fascination for the sport and lifestyle. The Club serves as a platform where they can train on state-of-the-art racing boats under the supervision of high-level, experienced coaches whilst being matched with the perfect team in order to achieve the level of training necessary to win their dream races.


XYC also offers those interested in sailing the opportunity to explore the sea in the comfort and luxury of the most beautiful yachts in the world. We offer both private charter adventures, and hop-on cruises where you can join a sailing team on the adventure of a lifetime!







The Story

Members of XYC will train under the guidance of world-class trainers and knowledgeable racing experts, who will offer Members the following

Online and Offline Clinics
Training camps
3-day Pre-Race Training with the Team

All the above training methods will be carefully put together into a unique program designed for each member in accordance with their selected race participations for the year. 


Along with the training offered by XYC’s Head Coaches, the Club will also offer training programs in partnership with renowned sailing educational institutes.




A known name in the Sailing World. Having started his sailing career at the age of 10, he holds many titles as champion in national and international sailing races and is a sought-after specialist in the sailing yacht and sailmaking industries, as a trainer and mentor but above all, a passionate ambassador of the sailing lifestyle.

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With over a decade of sail consulting, Aviram has become one of Israel’s most experienced sail experts. Aviram spent his youth racing amongst many one design classes. He is a former Israeli national team member in the 420 & 470 classes and participated in many national races all over the world in smaller one designs and larger keel boats. Aviram gives back to the sport by being active in the local racing scene and with any sailor that comes his way that is looking to enhance their sailing experience, whether it be fine-tuning a mast and rig set up, or putting together an optimum sail inventory, and more.


Access Elite Training

The Team
XYC LOGO-07.png

“For the thrill of the race. The unity of the tribe. The oneness with the sea. The adventure of a lifetime. The legacy of champions. Xclusive Yacht Club is for the few, who wish to expand their horizons and experience a higher level of sailing.”

Easy Swissa  – Co-Founder
Mary Keren   – Co-Founder

Five fully customized X-Yachts:

With over 40 years in building boats, X-Yachts offers something most other yacht manufacturers do not have.

X-Yachts’ team of naval designers and architects build boats created to win races yet maintain a high-level of quality, flawless luxury and unprecedented innovation. As a result, X-Yachts is known for its series of beautiful yachts that offer superior sailing that will pleasantly surprise even the most knowledgeable sailor.


XYC uses X-Yachts’ boats exclusively.

The Club’s boats of choice are the Xp 44 and X-41.

  • 2 x Xp 44 released in 2021

  • 2 x Xp 44 to be released in 2022

  • 1 x X-41

Strategic Partnership with X-Yachts

XYC LOGO-07.png
The Boats
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