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BALI  offers you an innovative and unique concept in response to new styles of boating. BALI Catamarans are an incarnation of openness and the new art of living. Open-mindedness, openness to life, openness to the sea and to nature, openness to others.

BALI innovates and revisits the concept of the catamaran, and of pleasure at sea. The “BALI door”, the design of the hulls, the way the spaces adapt, and the quality of the boats are all the result of BALI’s know-how: a disruptive and pioneering approach to rethinking every trade in boatbuilding. Innovating the way of conceiving your life at sea, inventing new ways of using your catamaran. BALI CATAMARANS opens new horizons for going further.

Xclusive Yacht Club (XYC) is a unique sailing club, designed for the citizens of the world. The club was born from the lifelong dream of its founder – experienced and passionate advocates of the sailing lifestyle, Aviram Swissa.

XYC’s Members form a like-minded community of sailors who share a mutual fascination for the sport and lifestyle. The Club serves as a platform where they can train on state-of-the-art racing boats under the supervision of high-level, experienced coaches whilst being matched with the perfect team in order to achieve the level of training necessary to win their dream races.


XYC also offers those interested in sailing the opportunity to explore the sea in the comfort and luxury of the most beautiful yachts in the world. We offer both private charter adventures, and hop-on cruises where you can join a sailing team on the adventure of a lifetime!







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