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BALI 4.6



Standing out among her peers, the BALI 4.6 features elegant lines. The saloon-cockpit area offers all the BALI revolutions. The “BALI door” and the large openings, letting in natural ventilation and abundant light, are the very definition of the OpenSpace concept. The BALI 4.6 boasts delightful seating where well-being and comfort are the order of the day. This model is available in several configurations: 4, 5 or 6 cabins.


Overall length: 14.33 m
Beam: 7.66 m
Usable surface: 95.4 m2 
Draft: 1.27 m 
Empty weight: 14.4t 
Standard sail area: 116 m2 
Maximum sail eara: 160 m2
Fuel: 800 L 
Fresh water: 860 L
Refrigerator+freezer capacity: 615 L

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