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BALI 4.4

Drone_HD_BALI_4_4_001_Bali_Catamarans _Leon&Salim .jpg


The BALI 4.4 is the embodiment of technology developed by CATANAGROUP. BALI models are unique and instantly recognisable. The key word for this model is openness: thanks to the “BALI door”, the large windows and the various openings found aboard the boat, the outside is inviting itself inside.


Overall length: 13.50 m
Beam: 7.40 m
Usable surface: 87.9 m2
Draft: 1.26 m 
Empty weight: 13.8t
Standard sail area: 116 m2
Maximum sail eara: 158 m2 
Fuel: 800 L
Fresh water: 860 L 
Refrigerator+freezer capacity:  615 L 

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